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Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. (CAPBMCI) is requesting proposals from a qualified firm or individual for professional services related to conducting a salary and wage comparability study, which includes review and performing a point factor analysis of all job descriptions to determine a specific wage range for approximately 100 job descriptions, develop and recommend a compensation program for CAPBMCI. Based on your previous work experience and recommendations from colleagues, your company has been selected to receive this RFP and is invited to submit a proposal.


Submission: August 24, 2018, close of business

Question Submission deadline: Questions may be submitted via email no later than July 24, 2018, to:

Jeanne Agri
Executive Director
PO Box 1016
2 Industrial Park Drive
Concord, NH 03302

Intent to Submit Proposal: Please submit a letter of intent no later than July 24, 2018 close of business.

Project Objective

The objective and ultimate goal for this project is to conduct a salary and wage comparability study, review and perform a point analysis of all job descriptions to determine a specific wage range, develop and recommend a compensation program.

Proposal Selection Criteria

Only those proposals received by the stated deadline will be considered. All proposals, submitted by the deadline, will be reviewed and evaluated based upon information provided in the submitted proposal. Also, consideration will be given to cost and performance projections.

Equipment or Service

List any equipment or services required for this proposed project

Detailed estimate cost for each service

List any accommodation, services, and space required from CAPBMCI

Cost Proposal Summary and Breakdown

A detailed list of any expected costs or expenses related to the proposed project

Summary and explanation of any other contributing expenses to the total cost

A brief summary of the total cost of the proposal

Background Information:

CAPBMCI is a non-profit community action program which has been providing services to the people of Belknap-Merrimack counties for 53 years. The Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc., is a New Hampshire–based 501 (c) 3 private, nonprofit corporation. The agency was established in 1965 under the provisions of the Equal Opportunity Act of 1964.

Mission Statement The primary mission of the organization is to work with low-income families and the elderly to assist them in their efforts to become or remain both financially and socially independent in their communities. The agency accomplishes this task by providing a broad array of services that are locally defined, planned, and managed.

The agency sponsors and manages over 70 programs designed to meet the needs of children, families, single parents, elderly, and the disabled. Without the services provided by the agency and in collaboration with other local organizations, many residents would be without a means to provide for their basic needs, including food and shelter.

The agency is funded by Federal, State, county, and local funds (38 cities/towns in Belknap and Merrimack Counties). The agency receives United Way grants, foundation, and charitable grant funds, fees for service, private business donations, and donations from individuals. The operating budget of the agency for 2018–2019 is $22 million.

The agency also manages and operates 265 elderly apartment units in seven developments with an annual operating budget of $3 million and 49 affordable family housing units in four developments with an annual operating budget of $425,000.

The majority of the people served by CAPBMCI access support through agency programs and the six Area Centers located in Concord, Franklin, Laconia, Meredith, Suncook, and Warner. The agency provides services to all 38 communities in Belknap and Merrimack Counties, reaching over 11,149 unduplicated individuals in 2016, over 85% of whose households have incomes below 185% of poverty level.

General and Response Requirements, Project Scope, Objectives

General Requirements

Consultant Capability: The proposal must demonstrate an understanding of CAPBMCI’s needs and expectations described in this invitation and the capability to meet those needs.

Technical Documentation: All proposals must include technical specifications and existing technical documentation associated with the proposed Compensation System. A consultant may provide additional information in the form of brochures, sample manuals or other material that is relevant to the proposal.

Response Requirement

Response to this RFP should include the following information:

  • A brief history of Consultant, including a history of performing this type of engagement.
  • Ownership/structure of Consultant and continuity plan, if applicable.
  • Proposed service team with related resumes.
  • Description of proposed services and role of the Consultant: Include a discussion of the following:
    • What experience do you have working with Community Action Agencies?
    • What distinguishes your consulting services from your competitors? Describe your “consulting philosophy.”
    • How many different organizations are you currently working with?
    • Provide a list of three client references
    • Any special terms or conditions requested/required by the Consultant.
    • What is your recommendation for communicating changes to the wage scale/grading tool to employees?
    • Description of any additional services the Consultant would like to propose to expand or supplement services requested.

Project Scope and Objectives

  • To review CAPBMCI's existing grading tool and wage scale and propose modifications; assess their currency and propose a market-based compensation schedule.
  • Review current pay grades, salary ranges and pay practices
  • Conduct an audit of job descriptions to be sure they accurately match business need
  • Review existing Grading Tool/Compensable Factors and propose modifications; in consultation with CAPBMCI, finalize compensable factors to be used for objective ranking of each positon
  • Evaluate existing job descriptions with Human Resources and members of the management team using the final compensable factors and score the positions to determine their internal equity ranking
  • Recommend appropriate grade for each positon based on the new Grading Tool/Compensable Factors results and identify the appropriate number of pay grade classifications
  • Conduct an external market study (minimum, midpoint, and maximum) in both the public and private sectors to benchmark a recommended number of positons (in consultations with CAPBMCI identify market area)
  • Recommend and prepare salary structure recommendations based on the results of the market study
  • Review current employee salary information and make recommendations for adjustments based on the external market results and internal equity, as needed
  • Make recommendations to compensation program to include the following program design options for CAPBMCI ’s consideration: merit; promotions; demotions; starting salary; and orientation period
  • Provide recommendations for adopting performance compensation options
  • Prepare a written final report of recommendations, including discussion of methods, techniques, and data used to develop the grading tool, compensation system, pay grade classifications and pay ranges
  • Prepare an analysis of the financial impact for implementation of the new compensation system for existing employees
  • Be available to present study recommendations to the Agency Senior Management/Leadership teams and to the Board of Directors if invited
  • Provide implementation support and training as needed

Financial Information

  • Have you or your company ever filed for bankruptcy or reorganized under the Bankruptcy Code?
  • Have you or your consulting company ever received any sanctions currently under investigation by any regulatory or governmental body?

Delivery of Response

Please provide a single electronic version by email of your response to this RFP by the end of business on August 24, 2018. Responses should be directed to Jagri@bm-cap.org

Selection Criteria

Selection Process and Criteria

A selection committee will review all responses. Based on the selection committee’s evaluation of the responses, potential Consultants will be selected and asked to participate in a final interview with the committee. Primary evaluation criteria will include, in order of importance:

  1. The perceived ability of the Consultant to best meet CAPBMCI’s needs based on the understanding of the engagement demonstrated in the Bidder’s response.
  2. The extent of relevant experience and or expertise.
  3. Feedback from references.

Consultants responding to this RFP will be notified in writing of the results of the selection process.

VII. Additional Information, Expectations and Contract Requirements


This RFP represents the best effort of CAPBMCI to document its requirements for this project. CAPBMCI reserves the right to adjust the specifications or scope of effort stated in this RFP. If any modifications are necessary, CAPBMCI will notify all Consultants remaining in consideration via a written addendum to this RFP.

Bidder’s Responsibility

It is the Bidder’s responsibility to provide a complete response to the RFP. If the Consultant believes more information is necessary for a proper response, questions should be directed via Email to jagri@bm-cap.org. In some cases, if additional information is provided to one potential Consultant, similar information will be provided to other Consultants receiving this RFP.

Use and Disclosure

CAPBMCI reserves the right to use information submitted in response to this document in any manner it may deem appropriate in evaluating the fitness of the services proposed. Materials that are submitted by the Consultant that should be considered highly confidential should be marked as such. If confidentiality is requested but cannot be afforded, the Consultant will be notified and will be permitted to withdraw its proposal.


The issuance of this document and the receipt of the information in response to this RFP will not in any way cause CAPBMCI to incur liability or obligation, financial or otherwise. CAPBMCI assumes no obligation to reimburse or in any way compensate Consultant for expenses incurred in connection with response to this RFP.


By responding to this RFP, the Consultant is assuring that in the performance of the service covered under this RFP it will comply with all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.

Independent Consultant Status

All personnel assigned by the Consultant to perform Services will be employees of the Consultant, and the Consultant will pay all salaries and expenses of, and all federal, social security, unemployment taxes, and any other payroll or withholding taxes relating to such employees. The Consultant will be considered, for all purposes, an independent Consultant, and it will not, directly or indirectly, act as an agent, servant or employee of CAPBMCI, or make any commitments or incur any liabilities on behalf of CAPBMCI without its prior written consent.

Please visit our website @ https://www.bm-cap.org for more information on our agency.

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