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Community Action Program, Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. – Concord, NH – UPDATE 04-09-2020

In an effort to safeguard our program participants and staff we are taking all precautions while continuing to provide services in our communities.

We will continue to provide services through the use of email, phone, fax and mail.  Our offices will be locked however we will still be able to provide much needed services through grab and go food boxes, drop boxes for applications and contact information to complete an application for services.

Listed below are the programs that we have and which services we are able to provide during this time of crisis.

Head Start and Early Head Start – All Centers are all closed.  Lunches will be provided by many school districts and will be available for children 0-18 yrs.  For those without this resource, Head Start will be providing lunches to the families. Lunches will be available for pick up at their local center.  We are also planning on providing a breakfast meal for all of our kids who want one. We will prepare those in our kitchens in Concord, Franklin, and Laconia. Staff will transport the meals out to Pittsfield and Warner.   Staff will have the following responsibilities during the weeks the centers are closed per the Office of Head Start to remain connected to families and engaged remotely.  Lead Teachers and Home Visitors will be making weekly contact with all their families.  This will be by phone or another electronic manner.  This is to help parents engage in learning activities with their children.  Lead Teachers and Home Visitors will create learning activities for each child, each week from the Creative Curriculum, PAT, and Partners for a Healthy Baby or ASQ activities.   All teachers have the opportunity to work in their classrooms to complete tasks if needed.

Child care centers- All centers are closed until further notice.

Fuel Assistance Program – Provides grants to help pay heating costs for income-qualified applicants.

 Applications can be made through a phone interview, mail in-app, email, or fax.  Documentation of income must be provided.  Unitil has released a grant that people who do not qualify for FAP or haven’t qualified yet this year can receive a $150 credit to their account.

*** NOTE: The Fuel Assistance Program has been extended until May 29, 2020 to apply for assistance.***

Electric Assistance Program – Provides a discount of 8 – 76% off an income-qualified household electric bill.  Applications can be made through a phone interview, mail in-app, email, or fax.  Households are encouraged to apply at any time during the year.  Documentation of income must be provided.

Weatherization Program – An energy reduction program through the installation of energy conservation products and services.   There is also a furnace repair replacement program.  Applications can be made at the same time as a Fuel or Electric Assistance application.  We are curtailing field visits, barring heating emergencies in order to protect our staff and participants.

Meals on WheelsMOW is delivering meals 1 to 2 times a week. Wellness calls to our participants continue on the days they are not seeing the participants. 

Senior CentersThese centers will be offering to-go meals 2 times a week to our participants. Center Managers continue to make wellness calls to participants that attended the senior center prior to closing. 

Service LinkWill be providing services via phone contacts.

Senior CompanionCompanions will not be working until further notice.

Workforce Development

    • Work Place SuccessClassrooms are closed until further notice.  Staff is working and providing instruction/support through ZOOM/email & phone to their clients
    • Senior Community Service Employment ProgramStaff in office and apps completed by mail or phone
    • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act- Staff in office and apps completed by mail or phone

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)- All appointments are by telephone, including new and existing participants. Changes to food packages and formula are also completed by phone as well. All e-WIC benefit cards will be issued by mail. Participants should call 603-225-2050 to apply or with any questions.

Commodity Supplemental Food ProgramApplications are taken over the phone at this time. Monthly boxes of food are distributed to income-eligible individuals 60 and older.  Commodities will be distributed at scheduled appointment times. Participants should remain in their vehicles or apartments, and the food will be brought to them.  Other drop off locations such as agency Resource Centers and Senior Centers may be added. 603-225-2050.

The Emergency Food Assistance ProgramStatewideUSDA commodity food shipments to local community feeding organizations have increased and will take place monthly through the remainder of 2020.  The Coronavirus Response Act has provided increased funding for additional commodity food purchases.  As a result, feeding organizations will see an increase in the volume of USDA commodities they receive especially in the second half of 2020.  April commodity deliveries are currently taking place and plans are being made for Mays food shipments.

Family PlanningOpen for business with some limitations with types of in-person visits being provided. Staff has instituted telehealth for some types of visits to reduce patient interaction. Patients should call 603-524-5453 to inquire about appointments or with questions.


    • Senior Housing  - Staff available by phone, interviews by phone, CDC screening used for moves
    • Community rooms closed.  Emergency only visits for tenants.
    • Housing Security Deposit Loan GuaranteeStaff are available by phone to provide info and applications.
    • Homeless and Housing – Staff are available to take calls; however, field visits are not allowed.


  • Concord Area TransitBus routes will continue as scheduled.  Increased cleaning protocols and procedures are being used.
  • Concord Senior Transit – On-demand rides will be limited to essential visits:  Doctor Appointments, dialysis, and to obtain food or medications.  Ridership is being limited in order to be socially distant. Increased cleaning protocols and procedures are being used.
  • Rural Transportation – Rides will be limited to essential visits:  Doctor Appointments, dialysis, and to obtain food or medications.  Ridership is being limited in order to implement be social distancing protocols. Increased cleaning protocols and procedures are being used.
  • Volunteer Driver Program: VDP is running normally.  Volunteer drivers are requested and encouraged to sanitize their vehicles before and after each trip. 
  • Shopping for Seniors Transportation has partnered with volunteers to shop for seniors and bring groceries to them in their homes instead of bringing seniors to the stores.  Call 603-225-1989 for more information.


We have staff available in all areas to answer questions, provide applications, and food items.

Agency Website: https://www.bm-cap.org            

Phone numbers –

Concord Resource Center - 225-6880         

Laconia Resource Center - 524-5512

Suncook Resource Centter - 485-7824                                            

Franklin Resource Center – 934-3444

Warner Resource Center – 456-2207

Area resource centers will have the following hours for food pantries.  We ask people to call first so we can prepare the food for pickup

  • Concord Area Center Food Pantry Hours
    • M-1-3
    • T-W-TH-9-12
  • Franklin Area Center Pantry Hours
    • Currently closed and no set hours
  • Laconia Area Center Food Pantry Hours
    • M-W-F-9am-12pm
    • T-TH-1-4pm
  • Town of Meredith Food Pantry Hours
    • This is not run by the Area Center it is a separate organization (phone:  279-1115)
    • T, W, TH- 10am-1pm
  • Suncook Area Center Food Pantry Hours
    • M and TH 11am-3pm
  • Warner Area Center Food Pantry Hours
    • M-TH- 11am-1pm


"At some point in their lives everyone needs a helping hand."


COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAM BELKNAP-MERRIMACK COUNTIES, INC. (CAPBMI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance for the reduction of poverty, the revitalization of low-income communities, and the empowerment of low-income families and individuals to become fully self-sufficient.

Community Action Program, Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. (CAPBMI), through its local offices, senior centers, Head Start centers and low-income and elderly housing units is a trusted source of support for over 6,000 families annually.

More than 70 programs are available to individuals and families of all ages throughout the two counties. We offer services in the areas of child development, health and nutrition, energy assistance, job development, housing, transportation and services to help seniors maintain an independent healthy lifestyle.

We strive to bring together as many resources as possible in our efforts to provide the best possible services to the families and individuals seeking help. We have six (6) local offices throughout the two counties that provide services directly or have resources available to make appropriate referrals.